Get connected to your inner-world

How hypnosis can help you find your path

Whether you are looking to initiate a spiritual quest or simply having the desire to connect again to the core of your being, hypnotism can help you focus on the essence of your soul.

Discover your own spirituality

Get answers to your questions about what type of spirituality is meant for you. Your unconscious holds your own truth and the means to lead you to understand the reason of your presence on Earth.  The unconscious is an abundant reservoir of information that can be accessed anytime.  That kind of connection through hypnosis is always life changing.

Find the spark again

Life is sometimes taking us miles away from our initial trajectory.

We may have refused to listen to those intuitive messages? We may have lost track of what used to animate us? We also may have been influenced by society, family or our strong ego to lead a different life that we were intended to live?

Don't worry!  The light is still shinning inside of you, even if you are not totally conscious of it.  If you feel off track, your mind and body probably have started to send you messages (dreams, intuition, persistent hobbies & interests, chronic illnesses, synchronicity...) that it's time to listen to your inner voice.

Your unconscious holds the answers

Sit down in my comfortable chair, relax and let your unconscious freely talk to you... Suddenly, those feelings you had before become clear.  The message can't be avoided : here is the path you must take to feel complete and serene.  You are not discovering new information, you are just hearing it once more.  So clearly, that you can't deny the content of the experience.

And then?

Following the hypnosis sessions, you will notice that now, the door is open and the passage from your unconscious to you conscious is clearer.  Your intuitions are more precise and persistent.  You will realize that little voice inside you is your friend and personal counselor. 

The unconscious is the ocean of the unspeakable, of what has been expelled from the land of language, removed as a result of ancient prohibitions. "  Italo Calvino