30 mn initial consultation [find out how hypnosis can help you]

FREE audio recording [reinforce the positive effects of each                                                                                            session]

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It is always difficult to mention how many sessions may be required to solve an issue but note that hypnosis is a quick therapy and an average of 3-6 sessions could be sufficient to suppress the undesired habit or problem. Everybody is different and I will adapt to your mind's pace. On the other hand, note that after every single session, a deep feeling of relaxation and progress will be felt.Time is on our side.  Unlike other professionals, I do take all the necessary time to work with you under hypnosis.  For this reason, my rates are not hourly rates but session rates. If during a session we do target a key element leading to the resolution of your issue, we will take the necessary time to finalize the procedure.  Your well-being is my priority.We start with a first contact on the phone, where the issue is exposed and questions answered.  If you wish, a 30 minute consultation can be scheduled to help you find out how hypnosis could help you.  In the 2 hour first session, I expose the unconscious' role and introduce you to your first hypnosis experience.  Then every following session lasts about 1 1/2 hour and is ended by a short discussion on the hypnosis' results.  If other sessions are needed, both the patient and I will schedule a future meeting.
5 week of Deep Transformation (best option)It takes 10 to 60 days to implement permanently a habit you wish to adopt. Based on that fact, I created this transformational package. It contains: 1 x 120+ minutes initial session, 2 X 90+ minutes deepening sessions, 3 self-transformational recordings to solidify session work, 1 therapy companion book and an ongoing support (value $818) ................. $697 - You save $121
Initial consultation - In person, over the phone, by Skype. Find out how hypnosis will help you solve your issue                                               (about 30 minutes) ........ $50 + you obtain a $50 credit for any future hypnosis session        First session - counselling, introduction to hypnotism and first hypnosis experience. In person or by Skype. Includes 1 reinforcing audio recording. (about two hours) ................................... $297.00          Any following sessionIn person or by Skype. Includes 1 live and personalized audio recording. (about an hour and a half) ...................... $247.00   3 Personalized Self-Hypnosis Audio Recording Package - 3 independent audios focusing on clearing the discomforts, anchoring the desired changes and reinforcing the work. Created uniquely for you. Includes an initial 15 minute conversation in order to set your goals. Around 50 minutes.  Mp3 file sent to you by email ...................... $197.00    Single Personalized Self-Hypnosis Audio Recording - a 15-20 minute audio recording specially created for you to answer your specific needs. Includes an initial 15 minute conversation in order to set your goals.  Mp3 file sent to you by email ............................................ $147.00