Personalized Self-Hypnosis anytime... anywhere

A personalized session at home... as many times as you want until you feel better!

I have always been promoting hypnosis as a natural tool to clear unwanted behaviours, habits and beliefs such as smoking session, weight management, anxiety relief, phobia and fear elimination, life path re-discovery and so on...

I know it works as it did work for me over 10 years ago.  Usually 3-6 hypnosis sessions for one issue can set you free from what is stopping you from being totally YOU.

Now,  There might be a lot of reasons why you may not think of Therapeutic Hypnosis first to help you resolve your issue.  It could be the fear of being close to your inner world, the fear of loosing control, financial issues as hypnotherapy is not always reimbursed by private insurance companies (depending on where you live in the world) and the fact that you can't always come to Nanaimo to meet me in person or you havent found a professional hypnotist in your area.

Let me answer this to you:
  1. Hypnosis is a natural state of the mind and can be compared to deep relaxation. But because you are not sleeping, you never loose control while reaching a trance where your subconscious mind feels free to release old and recent tensions as well as helping you choose a more pleasant way of life.
  2. Hypnosis requires in total less sessions that other modalities (3-6 sessions per issue is the average) and its results are more permanent as it bypasses the critical factor of the conscious mind
  3. While I do recommend to choose a one on one session over a Skype session or an audio recording, those 2 options DO WORK.

Now, what if I could offer you the best of both worlds:  
A personalized self-hypnosis audio recording created just for you, using your name, targeting your issue and accessible to you... anytime, anywhere until you feel better!


Wether you have tried hypnosis with me or with another hypnotherapist or never at all, this customized audio will help you get closer to your ideal YOU.

It can be used:
  • To let go of any discomforts, habits and beliefs (anxiety, weight, smoking, fears, stress, health, spiritual quest...)
  • To help you manage pain
  • To help you focus on certain situations and reach your personal and professional goals
  • To boost your creativity
  • To refresh and reinforce some past hypnosis sessions
  • To support an ongoing therapy or a personal inner-process

OPTION 1. THREE (3) INDEPENDANT AUDIO TRACKS - the complete self-hypnosis package 

Set a goal, choose an issue to resolve and what feelings you would like to replace it with.
  • An initial 10-15 minute conversation (phone or Skype)
  • The use of your name, the words that represent the best your goals to create a direct and deep connection with your subconscious mind.
  • 5-7 days delay to produce your unique audio
  • Email inbox delivery
  • Unlimited personal use

It contains:
AUDIO 1 : Let go of the unwanted feelings, habits and beliefs as identified in the initial conversation (15-20 minute duration)
AUDIO 2 : Reprogram and anchor the new desired mind programming on a daily basis (the mind takes 10 to 60 days to integrate permanently the wanted changes - 10-15 minute duration)
AUDIO 3 : Reinforce the desired changes with this positive mind reminder as often as needed. You can use this personalized recording while doing your daily activities with your eyes open. (10-15 minute duration)

==> Rate : CAD $197 - A total of up to 50 minutes of personalized recording

OPTION 2. SINGLE AUDIO - Letting go the unwanted and welcoming the change

Set a goal, choose an issue to resolve and what feelings you would like to replace it with.

What does it include?
  • 15-20 minute personalized Self-Hypnosis Audio Recording
  • An initial 10-15 minute conversation (phone or Skype)
  • 5-7 days delay to produce your unique audio
  • Email inbox delivery
  • Unlimited personal use

==> Rate : 
CAD $147

Call me or email to find out what works best for you (one on one session, the personalized audio or both) and let's start producing your path to your better-being.

Nathalie Ristord
Therapeutic Hypnotist

Email me at : nathalie@nanimohypnosis.com
Call me at : 250-797-2457