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FREE SEMINARS at the West Coast Women's show

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You Get Complimentary Self-Motivational Recordings

Find out how your mind influences your mental and physical health ~ Discover how it can also help you balance your life

Whether you are curious to learn more about your mind's abilities to help you reach your well-being or you are looking for tools to deal with anxiety and perimenopause/menopause, I invite you to meet me and discover how Rapid Transformational Therapy (an effective blend of Hypnosis, Energy Work and Personal Growth) can make a positive difference in your daily life.

2 Talks focusing on the power of the mind and how it can support mental and physical issues.
Both presentations are taking place at the Beban Park Centre at 2300 Bowen Road during the West Coast Women's Show (men and women are welcome to this show) and all you have to pay is the entry fee.

Saturday, March 4th
2:00pm 3:00pm No More Anxiety ~ Let your Mind Regain Control

A newly updated presentation showcasing how anxiety generates an unreal sense of potential danger. Under that influence, your mind and body trigger your "alarm system" with symptoms ranging from insomnia, fatigue, worry to digestive issues. This talk will allow you to understand the origin of anxiety and how to reprogram old patterns into new positive habits. A new complimentary self-empowering audio recording will be offered to the participants.

Sunday, March 5th
Noon 1:00pm Peri-Menopause/Menopause ~ Ease the Transition

Understand the changes taking place in your body and mind during that important transitional period in your life. Also, find out how mind-work can help you reduce the associated discomforts as well as supporting your hormonal balance. With easy-to-use tools, you will be able to tell your mind to ease that natural transition and reduce any unpleasant symptoms usually associated with menopause. A complimentary self-transformational recording will be offered to the participants.

Please note that I will also have a booth for the whole length of the show. 
I would love to meet you there and chat with you!

Your Rapid Transformational Therapist,

Nathalie Ristord  RTT CH

Hello everyone,

I am proud to introduce you to a new series of FREE workshops and Full Day Workshops on different topics related to self-help and personal growth.

In a small and intimate setting, I will share with you different methods of relaxation and meditation, how to use self-hypnosis, how to listen to your body and feelings and I will introduce you to a multitude of healing techniques.

As space is limited, I do ask you to book your seat in advance.  Credit cards and PayPal are also accepted. Book your seat by phone, email, pay online or on the workshop day. 

"...hypnosis often is used to modify behavior and overcome phobias and bad habits -- it can help you make changes that you've been unable to make otherwise."

Intuition (is) perception via the unconscious.