A better childhood for a greater adulthood

  • School and learning: lose of a friend, boredom with school, fear of a teacher, a student, having to make new friends, falling behind on a subject, bullies...
  • Society: tv, movies, magazines, news, physical acceptance, diseases, wars...
  • Family: divorce, death, adult's relationships, adults misunderstanding or underestimating child's issue
  • Friends at school: moving to a new school, making new friends, being teased because different (too shy, too small, too tall, having an accent, a handicap...)

The doorway between the conscious and the unconscious mind is the imagination. For children, it's relatively easy to reach at the deepest levels, in a much quicker time than required by a good many adults. The use of stories, adventures, visualization, imaginative games, role playing, magic, puppets, costumes and any other tools that one's imagination can bring forth are at the hypnotherapist's disposal, and work most effectively with children.  Del Morrill, C.C.H.