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Hi everyone!   Here are a few articles and posts I wrote over the past years.  I sincerely hope they will help you understand the beautiful healing power of a FREE of ACCESS tool : your unconscious!    Hypnotism helps numerous of regular people dealing with a wide variety of issues.  And it is effective because it uses your personal inner-language to communicate the solutions to your problems.  Information that you will be able to take with you after each session to reinforce the sensation of well-being and connection to your true self.  Enjoy your reading!  Nathalie Ristord, Certified Therapeutic Hypnotist

Your Mind and Body as Barometers : they are talking to you!You do feel a discomfort. Maybe a physical pain such as a backache or a migraine? Or maybe a mental one such as a constant anxiety or a disproportionate fear?

Your doctors tell you that physiologically everything is ok or nothing else can be done at the moment. So, what do you do now?  Where to look?

And if the answer was within?

Let me introduce you to a way to learn more about what may have caused those undesired feelings and behaviours.

Our unconscious mind is our friend.  Most of the time, it knows what is good for us, how to achieve a pleasant life, and how to follow our intuition leading us on the right path.

Through sensations, intuitive feelings and desires our mind is trying to guide us where we should be going.  But it does not always match our rational life plan.  We may want financial and family security? So, we ignore those messages thinking they will disappear. 

That's where we are wrong.  They are coming back in another form.  Each time a bit more intense to make sure we really look at our own needs. It could be anxiety, fear, physical pain, constant migraines and so on...

If we don't read the message, the discomfort compels us to use other ways to alleviate the pain : drinking, smoking, over exercising or any form of obsessive activity and behaviour.  But after a while, you realize that those distractions are momentary. The effect wears off.

So, until you locate the origin of the feeling (unknown or not faced), the unpleasant sensations will knock at your door to let you know that you are not fully listening to yourself.

Now, there are many ways to find the source of a painful feeling or sensation. Hypnosis, as it connects you to the "message centre", is one way to look at your inner world. But also a simple daily attention to how you react to people and situations might direct you to the core of the undesired feelings.

A True Story

When Allan* came to see me a few months ago, he was in a constant state of anger. Mad at his boss, impatient with his kids, aggressive with strangers and hard on himself. Physiological, he was always tense, stressed and had digestive issues.  

He knew he could not live this way any longer but he was so sure he had to defend himself constantly against "the outside world".  As long as he remembered, he was always acting this way but it got worse after his dad passed away.

Now!  I took the time to explain to him that anger is not a negative emotion.  Actually, as any other emotion, it is being expressed to reveal something about you, an element that hasn't been faced yet.  And until you face it, the intensity will rise.

Anger is actually a way for the self to state that something is unfair, that the respect is not always felt.  Allan listened to me but could not quite figure out what was or had been unfair.

After the first two hypnosis sessions, he finally realized that he never really followed his own desires.  He became what was expected of him as a child living with 3 younger siblings. His dad was often absent for professional reasons and he asked Allan to take on his role many times. 

In hypnosis, Allan sensed how he felt as a child : the situation was UNFAIR.  He wanted to play, be with his friends and be part of a music band.  Not to be at home helping his mom taking care of the family.

So he always stayed around, never travelled very far and finally got a job in his hometown. Simply to be there when he was needed.

Knowing that his inner child had not been heard, Allan realized that this anger was simply the young asking to be respected.  But after those sessions, as an adult, Allan understood he did not have to hold on to this behavior.  He was free and could decide what was good for him, on his own.  He could as well take care of his family and listen to his wish to have time for himself.

Your unconscious always has the key to the locked door separating you from what you believe you have to be versus what you really want to be.  Once the door is open, you can let the unexpressed caged feelings fly away and unveil the underlying true nature of yours.

*The client's name and some elements have been modified to respect the client's confidentiality
Why do we hold on to what is uncomfortable?Because of misconceptions about who we are and what we need

How do we feel there is a need to change?

Well, you

- start to be impatient with yourself and others,
- avoid a subject,
- you are constantly late,
- get sick often,
- procrastinate a lot,
- refuse to pay attention,
- eat, drink or smoke more 
- find excuses (they don't understand, I don't want to bother them, nobody else does that, only weird people go to therapists...)
- hang on to beliefs (it's not right, not fair, we never did that in my family, it's too much work, too expensive, it's not for me...)
- give your power to others (it's their fault, I won't be allowed to do this, they have to change first, I can't get off work, it's against my values, my philosophy...)
- have a limited perception about yourself (too old, too young, too fat, too rational...)
- deny there is a need to change even though you don't feel well
- feel fear (not ready, and if I become different will I be rejected, don't want to express my feelings, don't want to loose my freedom, can't trust anybody...)

If one or more of the above apply to you, you are probably resisting to a change in your life (external or internal).

Life is impermanent. Nature, weather, feelings, tastes evolve. Remember that feelings are not WHO you are but simply a signal of what needs to be faced. Looking straight into the discomfort and its roots is surely the way to get rid of it.

Look at your reality now! What worked for you a few years ago or when you were a child might not fit the transition taking place within you.

You might NOT need to go out with the same kind of people or keep the same job, dress the same way, read the same books, eat the same food, use the same words to describe your life and yourself.

You are in constant evolution. If you hold on to what you knew about you, you will definitely block the life process which is to move on, learn, adapt and become your true self.

At a young age you built your personality through your perception of the world based on what you heard and saw around you... and you wanted to fit in the group, be part of it. Now, did you ask yourself if this learning still applies to you? Reviewing your values and beliefs and update them might be necessary... and it won't modify the core of your personality. You will still remain the same person but with a broader vision of life and how to react to events and people. It's simply more tools in your box.

How do you start listening to the message? 

If you are unsure of how to proceed or if you seem to have trouble identifying the block, I suggest you look for some guidance.

For example, Therapeutic Hypnosis can help you locate the origin of the block and help you see clearly when it started and why it was so hard to let it go. I can also show you how to look clearly at your life now and identify your new needs in order to feel happy and serene.

Your mind already knows which path you should be taking to feel connected. It has probably been sending you some messages to help you see the reality. With hypnosis, your conscious is stepping back to allow the unconscious to reveal all the elements that will help you move ahead.

Learn to accept the changes around you but also within you. Let them emerge and trust the fact they are here to bring you forward in life.

Good luck!
Hypnosis SuccessSince the beginning of 2013, many people already changed positively their lives by letting hypnosis reconnect them to who they are. I am talking here about clients who came to me with different issues and found their path, once more. 

Some examples? Ok! Let's talk about that student who was totally paralyzed by the thought of giving a presentation in front of a classroom. A fear that would also make him feel uncomfortable with his friends. He would prefer to stay at home alone instead of feeling this constant anxiety inside him. Within 2 sessions, that same person transformed his fear into a vivid desire to share about the topic he loved so much. On the day of his presentation, he felt at ease and even received compliments about his work. He became himself again. 

Another example? That artist who had lost contact with her creativity. She would become easily irritable with her husband, kids and relatives. She felt depressive and did not even feel like doing anything. She was very emotional. Once again, 2 sessions were enough for her to visualize her creative world and start painting again. Once reconnected to her source, this artist could interact with others and accept them in their differences because she had accepted her own unique personality.


Free your mind...

This is what Morpheus told Neo in The Matrix to allow him to let go of his preconceived perceptions about his life and to get ready to see another reality.Well, it's pretty much what can Hypnosis do for you. 

You come in my office to deal with a specific issue. You are then invited to relax, let go of WHAT YOU THINK YOU ARE, and welcome WHAT YOU REALLY ARE.

Stop for a minute and look within: that block, that unwanted behavior, that uncomfortable feeling is emerging to reveal something about yourself and what needs to be addressed.

In a relaxing atmosphere, a hypnosis session allows you to access that part of your mind that is ready to tell you what is the meaning behind the mental or physical signal, and how to unblock it. But above all, you will discover that you may hold more positive tools inside of you to SEE CLEARLY WHO YOU ARE and WHAT IS GOOD FOR YOU.

Free your mind, remove those blinding glasses altering your vision and view your life with your true eyes.

Hypnosis for TEENAGERS and YOUNG ADULTSAt a challenging time in one's life, hypnosis can clarify a young adult's path

Adolescence and the years following it can be very challenging. You are building your character, focusing on a possible career and building social bonds. But still you can be stuck between your own desires, your family (or society) wishes and any childhood experience you may have been facing.

Mark (16) and Lindsay (22) came to me for different reasons but they were facing a similar challenge : shedding the old vision of who they were (and what seemed to be expected of them) and welcoming their own future.

Mark always felt different. A bit chubby as a child, he faced a lot of rejection and insults about his appearance. At home, he felt he was never good enough in comparison to his siblings. As he grew up, he stepped away from social school life and attempted suicide. At 15, he decided to loose weight. But, in his mind that was too late, he could not see himself in a realistic way. When he came to my office, he was crushed and hopeless. He strongly desired to socialize and truly be himself but could not. The flow in him was blocked.

After the first session, he could release the old vision he used to have of himself as well as the negative comments he would hear around him. That old speech inside his mind was replaced by his real positive inner-voice. The sound of his own intuition finally led him to embrace his artistic aptitudes.

At the second session, he was free. He was all smiles and his face was radiant. He went to parties and felt totally comfortable. Also, he went back to his first love: music and writing. That day, we worked on the distorted vision he had of his body and... that was it for Mark! Two sessions and a happy life ahead of him.

Lindsay loved working with kids. She was working for a daycare when she first came to visit me. Exhaustion is what she was feeling as well as a sense of confusion concerning her future. Her family situation led her to take care of her younger siblings. She feels useful when she is needed... that's the habit she took as a child.

During her first session Lindsay released unexpressed emotions about her family and boss. She let go of that misconceived thought that she had to always be available to anyone. She also mentioned under hypnosis that she would love to quit her job (something she consciously believed to be impossible - she never let her inner-voice to be heard). A week went by and at the second session, she was already feeling lighter and more confident. She had given her resignation to her boss and was looking for a new job in a new field.

I always mention to my clients that between sessions, their unconscious might open up a little more and communicate intuitive information. Well, it is exactly what happened to Lindsay. She had daydream visions of her teenage dream profession : the beauty world. But she was not sure of what it really meant. Her second hypnosis session brought her the confirmation of what she had sensed a few days before. She spontaneously saw herself in her beauty salon, dealing with satisfied customers. She felt herself happy and fulfilled like never before. It was clear what she had to do : go back to school and study in her dream career. Together we visualized a strategy to get her there. Lindsay left my office with new hopes and a huge feeling of satisfaction.

As you can see, Hypnotism is unlocking the true vision you should have of yourself to feel happy and complete, by releasing inadequate thinking inherited from family, society and past experiences. It simply helps you to find your true path among this multitude of stimulating information that is misleading you and cutting you from your essence.

Don't hesitate! Contact me.
STOP SMOKING FOR GOOD - Solve the underlying issue behind the habitWhat is your perception of Hypnotism? 
A quick therapy that can help you get rid of undesired addictions and habits? Yes! it's possible.
Something magical, easily attained with one session and without much effort? The hypnotist will "re-program"your unconscious? Well... That's where I need to intervene and set things straight.

The natural state of hypnosis allows us (the patient and the hypnotist) to connect to your unconscious, this part of your mind where memories, habits, behaviours are stored. Together, we find the inappropriate frame of mind you wish to modify and we replace it by a new reality. Sometimes, the procedure is quick and... sometimes the initial issue is just covering a deeper discomfort.

Do you want to get to the core of the problem? Do you want to solve the issue for good and live your life freely? 

Well, that's exactly the answer Alisha gave me a few weeks ago when she decided to stop smoking for good.

She came to me stating she had been smoking a pack of cigarettes a day for the past 16 years . She first started smoking at school in attempt to be part of her friends' group and look like everybody. Her dad was smoking as well. She didn't think there was anything wrong with that habit until she found out she had problems breathing while training at the gym. Suddenly, the reality woke her up : smoking does not smell good, it leaves a bad taste in your mouth, it jeopardizes your health and it's expensive. But still, she could not quit. She probably thought that her smoking habit wasn't linked to anything else more serious.

Finally, she calls me. " I am ready now. I don't need that habit anymore. I know it's polluting my life. I want to quit... How long can it take?", she told me.

I replied : "Do you want the permanent result method or the quick and easy one?" She answered she wanted an easy and permanent result. 

I knew then I had to get into details.
"We can use a quick hypnosis method where we "re-program" your mind to hate the taste and the smell of cigarette. At first, you will feel nauseous every time you come near a cigarette. It's fast, easy and you're done after one or two sessions... But I don't offer such service.

Well, it's that I don't want you to develop another habit (hating cigarette and feel uncomfortable around smoking people) or start another addiction (food, drinking, workaholic, over training a the gym...). The idea is to find out why you needed to keep on smoking all these years..."

Alisha then told me it made her feel relaxed, more social and ultimately herself. Smoking was a part of who she was.

So why couldn't she be herself without smoking?
This is what we discovered over the sessions. I have a 3 session program where you not only eradicate the smoking habit but you also learn to feel good naturally.

First hypnosis session: she learns to feel herself everywhere all the time by releasing the desire to please everyone around her. This old behaviour created anxiety and smoking was relaxing her. 
Results: She does not need to smoke anymore in public nor at work. She is relaxed and shares what she thinks calmly and honestly.

Second session (one week later): She gets rid of the thought she had to please her dad constantly and be what she thought he expected from her. She does not have to be like him. She does not need to smoke... like he did. She can be herself. 
Results: She feels re-energized and hopeful. The same day, she became a non-smoker.

Oh! Yes. It's true. I told you it was a 3 session program. Well, who ever told you success can't happen anytime in your life?

The lesson to learn from this experience? 
Take a bit more time and go to the root of the issue. Solve it all... for good. Know this therapy can be applied to any kind of problem.

Call me, email me! And find out how hypnotism can help you
CHANGE your LIFE and FOLLOW your PATHDid you ever feel like you are at a turning point in your life where you wonder if you really took the right path? Was it the right job? The right family choices? The right partner? Finally, do you ever wonder if you havenít lost that little connection with yourself and your real desires?

Most of us will answer yes to these questions as we went through a similar moment in our lives. And if you donít listen to the warning signs telling you that you may be happier if you were connected to your heart then other symptoms may appear : anxiety, depression, burn outÖ Leaving you with the illusion these feelings are imposed to you while the solution is within.

Itís then time to allow your unconscious to release tensions, undesired behaviours and feelings.

This is the path Alice decided to take. After leading an exiting life she found herself suffering from breathing problems and could not sleep very well anymore. Every time she wanted to express herself she felt her throat was tight and her chest heavy.

Here are her comments after two sessions of Hypnotism:

I am doing so very well thank you and I have you to thank. I am using the tools (given during the hypnosis sessions) when needed, but what I find so fascinating is becoming aware of when I need them and I just go ahead and use them. My life has improved so much because of your help and I am so grateful for the service you provide. I'm also pleased with myself in that I had been doing a lot of reading and becoming aware of my own personal responsibility when it comes to how well my life is lived. But I needed help to take it to the next level and that's where you come in. What you do is so amazing and so very helpful I wish more people would be open to itÖ I am enjoying life so much more these days and love the colours I want to wear! I have been sick for over ten years so I have a lot of catching up to do! Thank you so much Nathalie for giving me a new lease on life.

Use all the tools available to live a happy life! Therapeutic Hypnosis is one of them.
How WELL does hypnosis WORK ?When seeking help for a problem, you will need to decide on the type of therapy. If you need to understand why you feel and act a certain way, consider psychotherapy or psychoanalysis. When you are really ready for the change, consider seriously therapeutic hypnosis. 

Perhaps a study recently published in the American Health Magazine will help with that decision.

American Health Comparison Study:
- Psychoanalysis: 38% recovery after 600 sessions
- Behavior Therapy: 72% recovery after 22 sessions
- Hypnotherapy: 93% recovery after 6 sessions
What is the HYPNOSIS STATE ? Why does it help us to SOLVE ISSUES ?Hypnosis is a state of trance. We experience it every day without really noticing it when we daydream or feel preoccupied momentarily by a subject. It makes us loose track of time and of our surroundings. So there is nothing extraordinary about it; it is a natural state. 

When that happens, we still continue to do our tasks on
 an auto-pilot mode. But most of our attention is focused on our inner-world. We then experience ourselves in a deeper way than usual. We get a different perspective on our life, our issues and most of the times, solutions come up. The hypnotherapist is here to guide you and help you explore your world and solutions. 
What are the BASIC BENEFITS of HYPNOSIS ?Although the term "Hypnosis" was derived from the Greek word hypnos, meaning sleep, Hypnosis is not sleep, but a natural, normal, relaxed and focused state of attention or "trance state" that is characterised by:

- Feelings of well-being
- Increased muscle relaxation
- Predominating Alpha Brain Waves
- An enhanced ability to access memories
- An enhanced ability to accept new ideas about yourself if they are not in conflict with your values.
 PLEASURE not FEAR    Two strong elements, simple but powerful, motivate human behaviors : the quest for pleasure and the fear of pain. Those two opposite feelings on the human emotions scale lead the world at many levels ; professional, social, personal, physical and spiritual. We do things according the level of pleasure we will get from them or according the negative consequences we wish to avoid. But humans being humans, we resist the changes because of the fear of pain that remains our most motivating element. By this, we mean that even though a change may bring positivity in our lives (pleasure), we stay in a sometimes unpleasant situation because of our fear to feel pain that may occur with the change. Let's remove the fear of pain (a fear of a future feeling that may not even happen) and trust our intuition telling us where our own pleasure may be. Nathalie Ristord, Therapeutic Hypnotist (inspired by an article in ''Vivre'')       HYPNOSIS and SPIRITUALITYGet connected to your inner-world

How hypnosis can help you find your path
Whether you are looking to initiate a spiritual quest or simply having the desire to connect again to the core of your being, hypnotism can help you focus on the essence of your soul.

Discover your own spirituality

Get answers to your questions about what type of spirituality is meant for you. 
Your unconscious holds your own truth and the means to lead you to understand the reason of your presence on Earth. The unconscious is an abundant reservoir of information that can be accessed anytime. That kind of connection through hypnosis is always life changing.

Find the spark again

Life is sometimes taking us miles away from our initial trajectory.
We may have refused to listen to those intuitive messages? We may have lost track of what used to animate us? We also may have been influenced by society, family or our strong ego to lead a different life that we were intended to live?
Don't worry! The light is still shinning inside of you, even if you are not totally conscious of it. If you feel off track, your mind and body probably have started to send you messages (dreams, intuition, persistent hobbies & interests, chronic illnesses, synchronicity...) that it's time to listen to your inner voice.

Your unconscious holds the answers

Sit down in my comfortable chair, relax and let your unconscious freely talk to you... Suddenly, those feelings you had before become clear. The message can't be avoided : here is the path you must take to feel complete and serene. You are not discovering new information, you are just hearing it once more. So clearly, that you can't deny the content of the experience.

And then?

Following the hypnosis sessions, you will notice that now, the door is open and the passage from your unconscious to you conscious is clearer. Your intuitions are more precise and persistent. You will realize that little voice inside you is your friend and personal counselor.