Benefits of Hypnosis

What can hypnosis do for you?

Hypnosis as a short-term therapy can help you solve different types of issues. It allows you to correct unwanted habits, identify the source of problems or blocks and help you manage health issues.

Mental and emotional blocks

Confidence, learning skills, deficit of attention, anxiety, shyness, motivation, stress, personal relationship issues, enhance performance, depression, academic and school problems (children and hypnotism), impatience, sleep problems, stammering, memory, habit removal, relaxation, and unidentified blocks' origin.

Health matters

Allergies, sexual issues, asthma, digestive problems, migraine, pain management, cancer aid (complimentary treatment to conventional medicine), high blood pressure, fatigue, skin disorder, car sickness...

Habits, addictions and fears

Eating disorder, weight issues, smoking, alcohol, public speaking, fear of driving or flying, fear of heights, insomnia, panic, fear of surgery, and any type of phobias

Personal growth

Visualization, past life regression, creativity stimulation, writer's block, spiritual guidance, Higher-Self Connection (Intuitive Hypnosis)...

Note: Hypnotism is really an act of self-hypnosis by the client with the practitioner serving as a guide.  As hypnotists, we help you enter your unconscious mind and orient you in finding your path to solve the issue of your choice.  Hypnotists are motivational coaches, not health care workers.  We do not independently diagnosis nor treat medical or mental disease. Instead, we help people cope with normal problems in living.


Man's task is to become conscious of the content that press upward from the unconscious. Carl Gustav Jung